No.1 おりべ蓋物 Container with lid, Oribe

加藤唐九郎 / KATO Tokuro

  • 「1. 加藤唐九郎 おりべ蓋物 / KATO Tokuro Container with lid, Oribe」の写真 その1
  • 「1. 加藤唐九郎 おりべ蓋物 / KATO Tokuro Container with lid, Oribe」の写真 その2

with box signed by the artist


The exhibition of KATO Tokuro held at the Kuroda Toen Art Department in September 1953 was an exhibition that attracted the attention of many enthusiasts, as described in a ceramic treatise “To-Setsu” published by the Ceramic Society of Japan at the time. NAITO Tadashi, aboard member of the association, wrote, “I would like to see the works of the potters that Picasso admired.
This is the first time in 68 years that this artwork, which graces the cover of the booklet for this exhibition, has been shown to the public. The lively patterns of wheels, geometric patterns, and flowers in iron painting meet the beautiful and elegant Oribe glaze. It is one of the most famous of Tokuro’s Oribe works with the fragrance of the Momoyama period.