No.23 耀貝螺鈿大丸茶器 Tea caddy, Mother-of-pearl inlay

黒田辰秋 / KURODA Tatsuaki

  • 「23. 黒田辰秋 耀貝螺鈿大丸茶器 / KURODA Tatsuaki Tea caddy, Mother-of-pearl inlay」の写真 その1
  • 「23. 黒田辰秋 耀貝螺鈿大丸茶器 / KURODA Tatsuaki Tea caddy, Mother-of-pearl inlay」の写真 その2

with box signed by the artist
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He had been fascinated by Mexican abalone shells since he was in elementary school, and he had been planning to use them for a long time. By applying the shells on the entire surface, as in this work, he was able to create a style that maximized the charm of the shells’ fascinating radiance. It takes a great deal of skill and perseverance to use lacquer to apply small pieces of shell in 16 sections on a curved surface of a small work like a tea caddy. His friend MUNAKATA Shiko named this work “Yogai”. The inside of the tea caddy is lacquered black to accentuate the glitter of the shells. The cover is the work of SHIMURA Fukumi, a living national treasure for  silk pongee weaving technique, who was a close friend of Tatsuaki at the time. It is presented in a special box with a beautiful woodblock design, and Tatsuaki and Fukumi together inscribed their signature on the box.