No.27 巖窟觀世音圖 Hanging scroll, Kanzeon Bosatsu (Bodhisattva)

村上華岳 / MURAKAMI Kagaku

  • 「27. 村上華岳 巖窟觀世音圖 / MURAKAMI Kagaku  Hanging scroll, Kanzeon Bosatsu (Bodhisattva)」の写真 その1

with box signed by the artist



He left the Kyoto art world due to asthma and moved to Ashiya, Kobe. From 1927 until his death in 1939 at the age of 51, he had a painting studio in Hanakuma and painted tranquil and highly spiritual pictures with subjects such as landscapes, peonies and other flowers, and Buddhist paintings. This work, a masterpiece from the last years of his life, depicts Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy, who saves and guides all beings. It may be that he is the person of longevity that Kagaku sought in the midst of his impending death. Her face with a combination of mystery and sanctity makes mesmerized viewers eyes.

*Listed on the Japanese painting book “Kansai Gadan Shion Gashu” in 1938