No.9 萌葱金襴手菊文飾壷 Vessel, Overglaze emamels and gold, hrysanthemum motif

加藤土師萌 / KATO Hajime

  • 「9. 加藤土師萌 萌葱金襴手菊文飾壷 / KATO Hajime Vessel, Overglaze emamels and gold, hrysanthemum motif」の写真 その1

with box signed by the artist


1999年東京国立近代美術館『近代陶芸の精華 加藤土師萌展』出展作品

Mr. Hajime reproduced and perfected the technique called “Moegi-kin’rande,” using overglaze spring green enamel and gold, which was considered to be the most difficult technique produced in Chia-ching (嘉靖) period of the Ming Dynasty, 1522 – 1566.
With the help of a small bowl of the period, he found the yellowish green is made with copper as a coloring agent, so the slightest matter will cause the color to fade. In particular, compared to using gold paint, it needs to be more careful to use thin gold leaf applied with lacquer, and then burn on to. The shape of this vessel is excellent, and the chrysanthemum arabesques placed all over the work make the work a gorgeous. This is the masterpiece of the artist.

Listed on “the exhibition of KATO Hajime, the glory of modern pottery” at National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo,1999
Listed on “ The works of KATO Hajime” published by The Asahi Shimbun Company.