No.12 軟釉鉢 Bowl, Chalk-like glaze

石黒宗麿 / ISHIGURO Munemaro

  • 「12. 石黒宗麿 軟釉鉢 / ISHIGURO Munemaro Bowl, Chalk-like glaze」の写真 その1

with box signed by the artist

この鉢を見ると山形美術館所蔵のモネの「サンジェルマンの森の中で」という作品が頭に浮かび、 そして対峙させたくなる。モネの作品は天国のように美しい森の中に吸い込まれてしまうかのよう な構図で人物はいない。一方、宗麿先生の作品は親子であろうか手を取り合いながら森の道を歩い ている。そこには生活の営みがあり愛に満ち溢れている。子供達が使うチョークを参考に色絵具と ふのりを工夫して作ったチョーク描きという宗麿先生独特の表現方法で生茂る木々を描いている。 緑釉が背景となり、黄釉と紫釉で木々や葉、人物を青釉で彩っている。

1981年東京国立近代美術館他『石黒宗麿 陶芸の心とわざ』出展作品
東京国立近代美術館編「陶芸 石黒宗麿作品集」所載作品

When I see this bowl, I think of “Undergrowth in Saint-Germain Forest” by Claude Monet from the collection of the Yamagata Museum of Art.
In Monet’s painting, a beautiful forest is depicted heavenly and makes us feel driven into it. On the other hand, however the colors of the forest has similarities, he centered human, or a father and a son, walking down a forest path, hand in hand. We see humanity with life and love in it.
The trees are drawn with his unique method of expression, chalk drawing, which he created using colored paints and Funori glue prepared from a seaweed, inspired by the chalk used by children. The trees and leaves are painted with yellow and purple glaze on green glaze on the background, and the figures are painted with blue glaze.

*Listed in “The creative Spirit of His Ceramic Art ISHIGURO Munemaro Exhibition” at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 1981
*Listed in “The Ceramic Art: The masterpieces of ISHIGURO Munemaro” edited by The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.