No.6 白磁壷 Vessel, White porcelain

富本憲吉 / TOMIMOTO Kenkichi

  • 「6. 富本憲吉 白磁壷 / TOMIMOTO Kenkichi Vessel, White porcelain」の写真 その1

with box signed by the artist
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“If you throw on the potter’s wheel while keeping in mind the outer lines of the vessel you are making, every outer lines of the soft potter’s clay will move inward and outward countless and never stop. I call this the “survivor of lines.” The skin of white porcelain of agate is warm and beautiful, and from the inside of the jar you feel like noble fragrance seems rising. Tomimoto’s works around this time are particularly massive, and in fact, many of them are surprisingly heavy. The masterpieces such as the white porcelain jar with lid of the Ohara Museum of Art in Kurashiki, and the octagonal white porcelain jar with lid of the National Museum of Arts and Crafts, and of the Musee Tomo are also works from 1932-1933, and can truly be proved that the time was truly a golden age.