No.17 備前耳付花入 Vase, Bizen

金重陶陽 / KANESHIGE Toyo

  • 「17. 金重陶陽 備前耳付花入 / KANESHIGE Toyo Vase, Bizen」の写真 その1
  • 「17. 金重陶陽 備前耳付花入 / KANESHIGE Toyo Vase, Bizen」の写真 その2
  • 「17. 金重陶陽 備前耳付花入 / KANESHIGE Toyo Vase, Bizen」の写真 その3
  • 「17. 金重陶陽 備前耳付花入 / KANESHIGE Toyo Vase, Bizen」の写真 その4




There are not many flower vases with such a wide range of spatula curving among the works of KANESHIGE Toko. In particular, the deep horizontal spatula toward the neck, the one slightly above the center, and the one toward the lower part of the body make this artwork stand out. The ears are plump ears that are considered to bring good luck, and the mouth is ridged like a mountain path. The tatami-tsuki, foot, is a hidden part of the work, but he had never skimped it and had made it so attractive that makes the viewer impressed. Above all, breathtaking views pointes are: Scarlet and jet-black areas like the sun set, bluish areas, areas where the ashes have hardened like lava. There is so much to see. The careful preparation of the clay, the unprecedented structure of the kiln, and the training of the tea ceremony have truly come to fruition in this work.