No.19 備前徳利 Tokkuri, Bizen

金重陶陽 / KANESHIGE Toyo

  • 「19. 金重陶陽 備前徳利 / KANESHIGE Toyo Tokkuri, Bizen」の写真 その1
  • 「19. 金重陶陽 備前徳利 / KANESHIGE Toyo Tokkuri, Bizen」の写真 その2

with box signed by the artist

陶陽先生はデコ師と言われる細工師の中でも特に名工として知られ、鳥や獅子などの眼や毛彫りを繊細かつ驚異的なこだわり方で制作した。花入、水指、茶碗や茶入などの茶陶、こうした徳利や酒呑などの酒器も細工師ならではの緻密さを感じる作品がある。この徳利は箆をかなり多く入れて見所としている。牡丹餅の抜けの形も雅趣があり窯変ならではの隈取りがくっきり出ている。「土に素直に 火に素直に」陶陽先生の心情が結実した作品となった。

KANESHIGE Toyo is known as a master among “deco shi”, who makes decorative Bizen works. He created with delicacy and astonishing attention to detail, even eyes and hair carvings of birds, lions and other animals. His works include flower vases, water jars, tea bowls, tea caddies, and sake cups. In the case of this tokuri, a large number of spatula curving are used as a highlight. The shape of the peony rice cake is elegant and the shading that only kiln-hen can produce is clear. The shape of the Bota-mochi is also elegant, and the shade is unique to kiln changes. This is a work in which Toyo’s sentiment of “honest to the clay and honest to the fire” has come to fruition.