No.18 備前三角徳利 Tokkuri, Bizen, Triangular shape

金重陶陽 / KANESHIGE Toyo

  • 「18. 金重陶陽 備前三角徳利 / KANESHIGE Toyo Tokkuri, Bizen, Triangular shape」の写真 その1




He forms a triangular shape out of Kannon clay on a potter’s wheel and with spatula, then dry. The potter selects the ones he thinks are the best out of many and puts them in the kiln where the Goma effects can be appeared. The firing is done with the utmost of human wisdom and the rest is left to the kiln effect. Whether or not the firing will be better than expected is also influenced by the condition of the kiln, climate changes, and the water veins that run near the kiln. This work is a masterpiece of pottery in which the taste of clay, shape, and firing are perfect as a trinity.